Bobbie Jean’s two piece tong set & bonus spatula.

Click the pic to jump to Amazon and get your own set.
Click the pic to jump to Amazon and get your own set.

Our review tonight is of Bobbi Jean’s two piece tong set and bonus spatula.

Touted with these features.

  • Silicone kitchen tong set features BPA-Free silicone tips for optimum food & health safety
  • Perfect for grilling or salads, these stainless steel food tongs are easy to use and clean up
  • Cooking tongs have handy lock ring so you can store them easily with all your other kitchen gadgets
  • 9″ small & 12″ tongs are heat-resistant to 480 Degrees F – Safe to use in the oven or on the stove
  • Bonus stainless-steel/silicone spatula makes perfect addition to all your kitchen utensils & tools

Ok where to start? I purchased these tongs at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This opinion is strictly my own! These tongs are fantastic. I was very excited to try these out. All of our tongs are just metal and scratch things up. They work for hotdogs and not much else. These bad boys though, they are versatile.

When they arrived I quickly opened them up and played with them. Their light weight worried me at first. I assumed they would be flimsy, so we decided to put them through the wringer.

After a good wash, we started with the spatula. It was dinner time so we whipped up some coleslaw. The spatula was fantastic, wiped the sides of the bowl clean no problem and helped us stir the sauce in with the veg. I wanted to see how well the metal could hold up so I stuck the end in a jar and tried to bend it. It didn’t give an inch. Love!!!


Next we took the 9′ salad tongs and sautéed up some mushroom and onions. I like to use tongs for this, especially on the onions. I like to get a good grip and flip to get those babies caramelized. These silicone tips are heat-resistant and worked so well. No scratches on my pans and no melting plastic in my food.  Because I prefer my mushrooms to be bpa free!


Then we took to the grill and where The Dude threw down some steaks. This was where I was concerned about the longer tongs. They had such a light weight I was sure we would drop our steaks and ruin dinner. They worked like a charm though. Not a slip and plenty of grip. We are in agreement on their greatness.


So the breakdown review here folks. These tongs are great. They have some cushy comfort grips that are longer than what I am used to seeing on tongs. this is a plus as I have bad hands. They are very lightweight but hold up well, another plus in the corner for the lady with the bad hands. The heat-resistant silicone means they will work on pretty much every pan I have. The locking ring is easy to use and makes for a handy way to store them on the wall if you like to show off your utensils or if you are bbq’ing and have those handy hooks on your grill. Plus they are just cute, in red or green. We love to match colors in our kitchens.

So Bobbi Jean’s tongs and spatula are definitely a do.

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