Chalktastic Liquid Chalk Markers, 8Pack

Click image to go to Amazon and purchase.
Click image to go to Amazon and purchase.

Product Description

Endless possibilities and tons of fun – Your ChalkTasticTM Liquid Chalk Markers let your creativity come alive!

Tear open the cardboard shipping box your ChalkTastic Liquid Chalk Markers arrive in and marvel at the bright neon colors of each liquid marker.

Choose a liquid marker in your favorite color. Shake well. And let your creativity soar!

Note how your ChalkTastic Liquid Chalk Markers work great on any non-porous surface.

The colors are vibrant and beautiful; the super-concentrated liquid chalk glides on with no running; cleanup is as quick and easy as wiping your creation away with a damp cloth!

You’ll love these liquid chalk markers as a gift for the creative youngsters in your family; as a fun and reliable education tool (is anything worse than losing the attention of your classroom because all of your liquid pens have dried out?); as an easy way to attract customers to your restaurant, bistro, store or business; and so much more!

Backyard fun, thumbs up!
Little Dude says backyard fun, thumbs up!

And now for the fun part!! I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review, this is that honest opinion.

When I ordered this product, we were very excited for it to come. Little Dude likes to doodle and this looked so fun. So we trooped outside with my friends kiddos and tested these bad boys out. I figured since they were a form of chalk that they would be fine on the sidewalk.

kids giving them a go on the concrete.
kids giving them a go on the concrete.

We did learn that they can make a much prettier picture on smooth surfaces. The rough concrete also could shred the tips if pressed to hard. So we moved to the smoother part of the walk, my steps.

Pretty art from my friends 8 yr old.
Pretty art from my friends 8 yr old.

This section worked much better. The flow was smooth and our little artists were able to get more creative and add more depth to their work. Next Little Dude asked me to put his favorite, a creeper from Minecraft, on his bedroom window. So we tried that out and it was fun too.

Scary Creeper face.
Scary Creeper face.

We all agreed there were a couple things we would change about this product. We really wanted a black one and the caps are designed in a way that if you do not put them on carefully, they can damage the tips. So we would love to see that changed so that the younger kids with less dexterity won’t have as much trouble recapping them.

An amazing drawing by our little artist.
An amazing drawing by our little artist.

So the basics are, this item is a ton of fun. The kids loved them. They were easy to prime and the color flowed out well. The reversible nib made it so they could be more precise or broad, depending on what they wanted. They clean up as easy as chalk but are much more versatile. Little dude and his friends all agree with me that this is a great product.

So we say in unison, this is a do!

Always, (oh that one brought on the HP feels in this geek girl)


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