Butterfly Garden Ornaments & Patio Décor

click the image to go to Amazon and order your own.
click the image to go to Amazon and order your own.

Product Description

  • 12pcs set (6 colors/2 each: pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange.
  • Each butterfly is about 4″ wingspan with 10″ tall stick
  • PVC material water proof suitable for both indoor and outdoor

And onto the fun part. I bought this item at a discount in exchange for am honest review. This is my actual honest opinion.

These are so cute! When I opened the package, they were carefully bound together in a bouquet with a rubber band. All the wings were folded up and the springs were tight.  The butterflies are made of PVC and come in 6 colors, 2 of each pink, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange. They have a wingspan of about 4 inches when opened. The spring holds them securely to a 10 inch green stick.

fresh from the package cuteness.
fresh from the package cuteness.

Once opened, the little folk and I ventured outside to place these in my flower bed. I carefully opened the wings and on a couple we loosened the springs to give them a touch more movement. We quickly found if the ground is hard, these will bend in eager hands. So I had to soften up the dirt a little bit so the kids could get them where they wanted.

Butterflies everywhere!

Once in the ground, we stood back and admired them. A small breeze lets these beautiful bugs bobble and flutter. They are adorable and we love them. In fact we are going to order a second batch for the other side of the yard.

So I put these cute decorations in the do pile.

Ta Ta Lovelies,


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