Silicone Basting Brush for Pastry or BBQ From Chef Curious

Click image to view item on Amazon.
Click image to view item on Amazon.

Product Description

• Eco-friendly, 100% FDA-approved food grade silicone (meaning that it will not break down over time as other brushes will)
• A dishwasher safe, easy-to-clean construction
• The ability to withstand extreme high and low temperatures (grilling in Antarctica or Ecuador? Go right ahead my friend!)
• A compact yet easy to grip size; at a little less than 9 inches in length, this baby is perfect for both male and female home chefs
• Packaged in simple recyclable #4 poly bag
Here we are again at the fun bit. I bought this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest opinion.
So The Dude and I were already looking for a new basting brush. We had one with silicone bristles and one with the strange hair like bristles and did not care for either. The hair one kept shedding into our food. Yuck! and the silicone one didn’t hold the sauces well so it took forever to baste anything. Then I saw this bad boy and I was like, Oh Yeah!
Freshly washes and ready to rock!
Freshly washed and ready to rock!

So I show it to the dude and he is like, Oh Yeah! We both agreed it looked like a better brush. Sadly, he had to go to work so it fell on me to test this bad boy out. Dinner was Salsa Verde Chicken! I had a package of chicken legs, which the kids love. So we pulled that out and got going.

The brush fits in the hand comfortably, which is important to me. The silicone bristles really hold alot of sauce. I was actually very surprised. I was dipping from a bowl and there was some chunks but the salsa verde was fairly thin. So I was concerned the brush would not hold much. Boy was I wrong.

Scoops up like a spoon!
Scoops up like a spoon!

The brush held a good amount of sauce. When I brushed it on to the chicken, it was smooth and effective coverage. I didn’t have to keep going back over the same place. Each scoop with the brush generously covered 5 legs with sauce. I should have done a video for this one because it was fantastic. our chicken turned out awesome!

Coverage was amazing.
Coverage was amazing.

So we definitely approve of this item. The Dude can’t wait to get it on the grill this weekend.

Our final answer is, put this in the Do pile!


Domi and The Dude

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