Silicone Cooking, Food Storage Lids and Microwave Splatter Screen Plus Bowl Covers

Click image to see on Amazon.
Click image to see on Amazon.

Product Description

Multi-size Silicone Lids is Perfect for Every Kitchen

Silicone Lids Are Used for Cooking Lids, Food Storage and Splatter Guard Bowl Guards

– There are many great features of Silicone Lids
– Come in multiple sizes so you can find the right one for your food storage and cooking needs
– 100% pure food grade silicone exceeds FDA and LFGB (Europeans) silicone safety standards
– Family safe – BPA Free and Latex Free. No Chemicals.
– Heat resistant up to 480F, and safe for use in the oven, microwave, stove and dishwasher
– Heavy duty construction – up to 50% thicker than other brands
– 5 Lids: 1 XL (11.5 in), 1 LG (9.8 in), 3 Med (7.9 in)

Amazon customers prefer Silicone Designs products

– Designed for lifetime use
– Free Lifetime Extended Warranty with purchase on Amazon
– Money back guarantee and free replacement guarantee

BONUS: Free 121 Cooking Secrets eBook Exclusive to Amazon Customers Only. Contents:

– General Cooking Tips
– Sauces and Seasonings
– Meat, Chicken and Fish
– Fruits and Vegetables
– Pasta, Rice and Potatoes
– Baking and Microwaving
– Convection vs. Standard Ovens

Here we go with the fun part. I bought this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. This is my own actual opinion.
So let’s admit it. We all have pots that do not have matching lids. I can not be the only person who has tried to boil something and put a plate over the top of the pot as a lid. Heck I have used everything in the kitchen including another pot at some point. My organizational skills and wacky cooking style are not what we are here to talk about though. These lids are fantastic!
Boiling some rice in our biggest pot.
Boiling some rice in our biggest pot.

Making dinner last night was fantastic. I have a specific pot I love to cook rice in. But I had to borrow my crock pot lid for it and it wasn’t a good seal. This large silicone lid was perfect. It suctioned on but vented well. a small jet of steam came out the side of the lid where it met the pot. We had no overflow of that foam you can sometimes get with rice.

Top view of rice cooking away under that lid.
Top view of rice cooking away under that lid.

We used the smaller size on another pot when we cooked our peas. It too worked just as well. It did not have as much overhang as the larger lid, but it still suctioned on and did it’s job.

Works as a lid on cold items too.
Works as a lid on cold items too.

After dinner when I was cleaning up, I pulled out my glass canisters. I usually use those for leftovers and cover the top with plastic wrap. One of these lids works just as well. At first it did not suction on as well so I ran a damp finger around the rim of the glass and it grabbed that just fine. I put all the leftover rice in the canister, covered it and tucked it in the fridge.

This item is safe for the stove, the microwave, dishwasher and fridge. It is so versatile you may find other uses for it too. We liked it very much and are very happy with our purchase.

We put this product on the do list!



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