Kitchen Cooking Utensils and Gadgets, Red Set of 3 Built-in Stand, Turner Spoon Spatula and Ebook

Click image to go to Amazon and purchase a set.
Click image to go to Amazon and purchase a set.
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT. RISK-FREE PURCHASE. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee PLUS Free Extended Warranty with Registration! Large utensils with ergonomic contoured handle.
  • INCREASE YOUR COOKING EXPERTISE – Free 121 Cooking Secrets eBook (PDF File) and FREE BONUS Recipe eBook. Keep this eBook (PDF file) even if you return your product.
  • KEEP GERMS AWAY FROM YOUR FAMILY – Built-in stand keeps utensil head above counter top that could contain germs or other contaminants that could hurt your family.
  • AMAZE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS – Cool new kitchen gadget introduced in late 2014. Top seller in Kitchen Utensils during Christmas.
  • HAVE A SOLUTION FOR MOST COMMON COOKING USES – Set includes 3 Pieces – Regular Spatula, Spoon and Draining Spoon; each piece about 12.8 inches long and raised about 1 inch

That’s what they say about it, what do we think? I was able to get these at a discount in exchange for reviewing them honestly. I liked them. The little foot they have underneath keeps the spoon head from sitting on the counter. This provents contamination and also makes cleaning up easier. No splats of sauce on the counter. No need for a spoon rest.

No more messy counters.
No more messy counters.

Do you ever get tired from stirring? I have weak arms, so stirfry is a delicious pain. These have an ergonomic handle. So cooking is less strain on the hand and wrist. though the bulk was a little odd at first, I love it now. And they have the most adorable heart shaped holes in the handles if you are the kind of person that hangs your utensils.

As a bonus the seller includes a great book with cooking tips. We have already put that to use.

So I don’t have anything negative to say about this product. I think they sell themselves. Check them out and get you some. Again, we have a check in the DO column.



This post contains affiliate links, for full disclosure go HERE.

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