My First Flybar – Pogo Jumper

Click image to purchase on Amazon.
Click image to purchase on Amazon.
  • Great First Flybar Pogo for Toddlers and Little Kids
  • Great Fun Indoors and Outdoors for all ages – with the added benefit of being active
  • The bungee stretches to accommodate children of all heights and can support up to 250 Lbs.
  • Made from Soft Durable Foam, Soft Handles, and foot holds for safe fun.
  • Squeaks when you Hop

This is where I take over. So I got this product at a discount in exchange for reviewing it. This does not have any sway in my opinion.

This toy is wonderful. The minute I saw it I saw the potential benefit for my little dude. He has a form of dyspraxia, muscle coordination developmental disorder, which basically makes him weak and uncoordinated. So we work on that and I sneak in any toy or activity that can engage his muscles and help him develop them.

The My First Flybar is great for kids. It is a softish but stable block with a bungee attached to a handle. When the child holds the handle and hops, the bottom block squeaks. I know my son was benefiting from it because you have to stretch the bungee a bit for older kids, which pulls on those arm and core muscles. Plus, the hopping and balance  engage the rest of his body. So he is having fun and getting in some OT.

checking it out!
checking it out!

Little dude got a kick out of the squeak. So did his pup. She came running and tried to take it, because everything that squeaks should belong to her. Our spoiled girl soon let the boy have his fun and he goofed around on it for about an hour.


Now for some clarification. It is made from some Nerf like materials. And it is not a stable hard bar pogo stick. After I perused some negative reviews it seemed people were complaining about what it wasn’t, but it is marketed for toddlers and it is a great product for what it is. It is NOT a pogo stick.

Don't step off the block or the bungee springs up!
Don’t step off the block or the bungee springs up!

Little Dude loves it and I have heard him bouncing and squeaking away in his room off and on the last few days. I am more than glad we got this product. So if you have a little one that likes to hop or someone who could use the muscle work, I highly recommend this toy. Me and Little Dude put it on the DO list.



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