Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon

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click image to head to Amazon to order

I would like to thank the author for allowing me to read his story in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Knickerbacher is unhappy. He spends all his time guarding the princess Gwendolyn, but that is not the life he wants. He wants to be a comedian! Gwendolyn thinks he is funny and tells him to follow his dreams, but his father thinks all dragons must guard princesses. So he practices his jokes and he watches the princess and he wishes for more. One day a prince shows up to battle Knickerbacher for the princess. The young dragon tries to scare him, but his heart is just not in it and it shows. The Prince and dragon chat and eventually both realize they have bigger dreams to chase. Knickerbacher decides to leave to pursue his dreams and the prince rescues the princess then decides he is better off playing baseball than battling dragons. The night of his first show, Knickerbacher is a hit, afterwards his parents come back stage to tell him they are proud of him for being true to himself because that takes real bravery.

This is a wonderful story perfect for kids from birth to 10. I read it to the 3 year old I watch and my 11 year old son and they both loved it. Knickerbacher, the Funniest Dragon is a story all about following your heart and believing in yourself. The illustrations are so beautiful and the kids loved the bright fun colored dragons. I read the story using multiple voices and exaggerating the jokes and the kids giggled through the whole thing. We had a ton of fun with this book and you probably will too.

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I may have received this product free or at a discounted price in exchange for a review, this does not influence my review. This post contains affiliate links, for full disclosures go HERE.


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