Huuman Insect Repellent Bracelet, Clip & Pellets – Natural DEET Free Protection

Click image to go to Amazon and purchase
Click image to go to Amazon and purchase

What they say,

  • Eco Friendly, DEET-Free Mosquito Repellent: Non-toxic, safe bug protection for infants, toddlers, kids, adults and the whole family. No harsh chemicals – will not cause allergic reaction.
  • Natural & Effective Essential Oil Pest Control: Scientifically proven plant based ingredients including citronella, peppermint, lavender & geranium to effectively keep biting insects away.
  • Adjustable & Comfortable: Fabric is soft on your skin & one size fits most men, women & babies easily on wrist or ankle. No sticky lotions, creams or sprays.
  • Waterproof & Long lasting: Go ahead, play in the pool or jump in the lake! Each waterproof repelling pellet wards off bugs for 15 days.
  • Save Money with Refills: No need to buy the whole bracelet again!

What I think!

So I must have sugar blood. I get more mosquito bites than most people, except for the little dude. He is a parasite magnet. Everything bites him and he reacts. It is no fun for anyone. Add on top of that the fact that I am intolerant to chemicals and it is hard to be protected from the critters. So I have been trying out anything and everything that  could repel the suckers.

This product is different than many of the others. You get a bracelet and a key fob that you can put a repellent “Pellet” in. This way nothing touches your skin. The pellets are a large flat almost plastic looking item. You slip it under the mesh of the bracelet or fob. It is water resistant, so you can wear this in the lake, the pool, anywhere you want to venture, you are covered.

Oi, I need a new camera! These are so easy to use!
Oi, I need a new camera! These are so easy to use!

So how does it work? well I won’t be doing one of those crazy hand in the jar of mosquito videos. But I will say, we went for a night walk and then sat in the back yard. I would normally have 5 or more bites from this, I didn’t have any. And neither did the little dude. That is good enough for me. The bracelet is velcro, so you can chose to not even wear it. It will fasten to your clothes, backpacks, or anything else. So will the fob!

How about the cost effectiveness you wonder? Well they are actually pretty great. You buy the combo and get the bracelet, fob and two pellets. The pellets are good for 15 days once opened. They last longer if you close them up in a ziplock between uses. Unopened they are good for 3 years.  When you need new ones, you can order refills. I won’t lie, these will cost you more than using a can of aerosol Deet. But these are safer.

Made with pure essential oils, Citronella, Peppermint, Geranium & Lavender Oils. It smells nice and works well.

For me, this is an easy yes. So we are putting this one on the Do list!



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SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berries Drink Mix.

Click image to head over to their website and learn more.
Click image to head over to their website and learn more.

About the Product
SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berries Drink Mix is designed for women to help them lose 3 times the weight by addressing the 6 physical reasons women have trouble losing weight.

SLIMQUICK Pure works to
-Increase Metabolism
-Reduce Appetite
-Boost Energy
-Reduce Excess Water
-Support Hormones
-Reduce Stress

When you taste our Mixed Berries flavor you won’t believe it has 0 calories, but it does! You can pop a SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix packet into your water bottle, or stir one up when you need a tasty weight-loss boost! SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix packets are ready to go wherever you go!

Rest assured SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix contains natural ingredients like antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D and BioPure Green Tea.

SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix has isolated the fat-burning component in green tea that speeds up your metabolism. It is called BioPure Green Tea and it has been shown in a published clinical study to help overweight women lose 3 times a the weight versus dieting alone, in just 13 weeks.

Learn About the Brand
SlimQuick Pure offers a variety of products such as protein powders, drink mix, capsules and gummies. SlimQuick does not only create weight loss products but it also supports the weight loss community. The company has a SlimQuick community where one can have access to a variety of meal plans, support from the SlimQuick coach and learn helpful tips for weight loss. Users can also ask questions about the products in the community. In addition, SlimQuick offers it’s customers a chance to sign up for the 25 pound challenge! The 25 pound challenge allows customers a chance to receive full emotional support throughout their weight loss journey. It provides users with weekly motivation tips, healthy recipes and exercise advice!

Now is where I do my part!
This was an interesting product. I expected to hate it. I have never tried a diet food or supplement that didn’t taste bad. That is one of the bigger problems with those product, people do not want to take something that tastes bad. I mean most of us are overweight because we like how things taste. these actually tasted really good. They are pretty simple to make. Just add a pouch to 16 oz. of ice-cold water mix and enjoy. They are refreshing and sweet.

I played around with them a little bit over the time I took them. It was very hot and so I decided to be creative. Popsicles were a suggested idea, but I didn’t think I could handle eating that many popsicles in a short amount of time. So I opted for smoothies and infused waters.

The infused water was the easiest. I have a fruit infused water bottle or 6. I am not a fan of plain water but know the good things it does for my body so adding fruit and such to water makes it easier to drink. I tried a couple of different fruits to see which went best with the flavor of the mixed berry SLIMQUICK. Surprisingly the winner was Cantaloupe.

Cantaloupe and mixed berry SLIMQUICK. YUM!
Cantaloupe and mixed berry SLIMQUICK. YUM!

This is simple to do even without an infuser. Cube up some cantaloupe, I used about 2/3 cup, and put it in a water bottle. add 2 packets of SLIMQUICK Mixed Berry and 32 oz of ice-cold water. Let it sit in the fridge at least 2 hours, give it a shake and enjoy. It has a great crisp taste.

Smoothies were pretty simple too. I placed two cups of ice and two cups of frozen mixed berries (I used strawberries, blueberries and blackberries) add 2 packets of SLIMQUICK Mixed Berries and blend until thick. Throw it in a big cup with a straw and enjoy the icy refreshing goodness that you have created. These helped me have more energy and less of the hot summer blahs.

This product of course works best when taken with a proper diet and exercise routine. Do not expect some miracle to do all the work for you. The company is awesome though and wants to support your weight loss efforts. They will let you sign up for the 25 lb Challenge for free. You can receive some wonderful support and tips to help you maximize your weight loss.

As a special thank you for checking out my blog today and learning more about this great weight loss tool, you can access a $5.00 coupon to help get you started with SLIMQUICK Pure. To get your coupon and/or sign up for the 25 lb Challenge, click the banner below. Or just head over to

This product is easily available at Amazon, Wal-Mart, Walgreens or CVS.

And how were my results with this product? Over the week I took this I did lose 5 lbs. That is a great kick-start to my current Diet and Exercise routine to get me back to a healthier me.

Good luck and good health,

P.S. Always consult your medical professional before starting a diet and exercise routine. Use caution with all supplements especially when pregnant, nursing, ill or taking medications. I am not a licensed medical professional and am not offering medical advice.

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My First Flybar – Pogo Jumper

Click image to purchase on Amazon.
Click image to purchase on Amazon.
  • Great First Flybar Pogo for Toddlers and Little Kids
  • Great Fun Indoors and Outdoors for all ages – with the added benefit of being active
  • The bungee stretches to accommodate children of all heights and can support up to 250 Lbs.
  • Made from Soft Durable Foam, Soft Handles, and foot holds for safe fun.
  • Squeaks when you Hop

This is where I take over. So I got this product at a discount in exchange for reviewing it. This does not have any sway in my opinion.

This toy is wonderful. The minute I saw it I saw the potential benefit for my little dude. He has a form of dyspraxia, muscle coordination developmental disorder, which basically makes him weak and uncoordinated. So we work on that and I sneak in any toy or activity that can engage his muscles and help him develop them.

The My First Flybar is great for kids. It is a softish but stable block with a bungee attached to a handle. When the child holds the handle and hops, the bottom block squeaks. I know my son was benefiting from it because you have to stretch the bungee a bit for older kids, which pulls on those arm and core muscles. Plus, the hopping and balance  engage the rest of his body. So he is having fun and getting in some OT.

checking it out!
checking it out!

Little dude got a kick out of the squeak. So did his pup. She came running and tried to take it, because everything that squeaks should belong to her. Our spoiled girl soon let the boy have his fun and he goofed around on it for about an hour.


Now for some clarification. It is made from some Nerf like materials. And it is not a stable hard bar pogo stick. After I perused some negative reviews it seemed people were complaining about what it wasn’t, but it is marketed for toddlers and it is a great product for what it is. It is NOT a pogo stick.

Don't step off the block or the bungee springs up!
Don’t step off the block or the bungee springs up!

Little Dude loves it and I have heard him bouncing and squeaking away in his room off and on the last few days. I am more than glad we got this product. So if you have a little one that likes to hop or someone who could use the muscle work, I highly recommend this toy. Me and Little Dude put it on the DO list.



P.S. I have been super busy lining up products to share with you so expect to start getting some consistent posts and some contests, giveaways and coupons heading your way. Please share if you like and follow us on Facebook. Thanks!

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Soft Cotton Sleep Mask with FREE Ear Plugs by Aries Collection

Click image to go to Amazon and buy your own.
Click image to go to Amazon and buy your own.
  • +COMFORTABLE&LIGHTWEIGHT-Made with High Quality Cotton&Silk Blend material,Making it dry quicker,wash easier and comfortable to carry in your pocket during flights and Work Shift
  • +GUARANTEE TOTAL DARKNESS-Sweetdream Mask helps block out unwanted lights and make you fall asleep faster,You don’t have to worry about Light leaking underneath your Nose Anymore!
  • +FiTS ALL HEAD SIZES-The Mask is design in such a way the strap is long enough to Fit all head sizes. The stitching on the Mask is High Quality, which ensure Durability, Moreover the velcro is 10cm on both side…long enough for you to adjust it!
  • +ALLOW FREEDOM OF EYE MOVEMENT-No Pressure on the Eyes- Allowing Eye Movement without interfering with REM sleep, you still have plenty of room to open your eyes therefore not irritable to the eyes.
  • +FREE EAR PLUGS-Softest Ear plug that block out the noise and is design to fit even small ear canals!Our Ear Plugs are made from Polyurethane Foam With Very Slow Rebound Time and Ensure Comfortable Fit ALL NIGHT! Our Ear plugs come with a small container, ensuring you can keep them clean at all times.

Those are the basic and this is what I think. I received this item in exchange for an honest review, this is my own honest opinion.

I have so much trouble sleeping. It is really ridiculous. I can’t stand any light in my room, must have a fan going, cannot be too hot and wake at the slightest noise. It has always been this way. It is miserable stuff. Sleep is one of the most important thins a person can do. I do not want to let the world down by not doing my part. So I decided to give this mask a try.

Color choices are nice.
Color choices are nice.

I have tried sleep masks before. They are usually uncomfortable, do not stay in place and let a good amount of light in under the mask. This mask was nothing like that. The fabric is so comfortable. It is thick and lightly padded. The velcro back is not cheap and adjust easily to keep it in place all night long. And because it is contoured around the nose, no light leaks in. I have never been so impressed.

Borrowing images off of Amazon because I have none of me sleeping and noone needs to see that :)
Borrowing images off of Amazon because I have none of me sleeping and noone needs to see that 🙂

It comes with a great pouch to store the mask in when not in use, so it won’t get dirty or misplaced. Plus they threw in some ultrasoft and comfortable ear plugs for free. These people understand sleep. the last three nights I have used this and I have had some of the best sleep I have had in ages. I highly recommend this product. Put this one on the do list.



Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm499d139d7c871d4b41ca6aade4419e42

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Kitchen Cooking Utensils and Gadgets, Red Set of 3 Built-in Stand, Turner Spoon Spatula and Ebook

Click image to go to Amazon and purchase a set.
Click image to go to Amazon and purchase a set.
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT. RISK-FREE PURCHASE. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee PLUS Free Extended Warranty with Registration! Large utensils with ergonomic contoured handle.
  • INCREASE YOUR COOKING EXPERTISE – Free 121 Cooking Secrets eBook (PDF File) and FREE BONUS Recipe eBook. Keep this eBook (PDF file) even if you return your product.
  • KEEP GERMS AWAY FROM YOUR FAMILY – Built-in stand keeps utensil head above counter top that could contain germs or other contaminants that could hurt your family.
  • AMAZE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS – Cool new kitchen gadget introduced in late 2014. Top seller in Kitchen Utensils during Christmas.
  • HAVE A SOLUTION FOR MOST COMMON COOKING USES – Set includes 3 Pieces – Regular Spatula, Spoon and Draining Spoon; each piece about 12.8 inches long and raised about 1 inch

That’s what they say about it, what do we think? I was able to get these at a discount in exchange for reviewing them honestly. I liked them. The little foot they have underneath keeps the spoon head from sitting on the counter. This provents contamination and also makes cleaning up easier. No splats of sauce on the counter. No need for a spoon rest.

No more messy counters.
No more messy counters.

Do you ever get tired from stirring? I have weak arms, so stirfry is a delicious pain. These have an ergonomic handle. So cooking is less strain on the hand and wrist. though the bulk was a little odd at first, I love it now. And they have the most adorable heart shaped holes in the handles if you are the kind of person that hangs your utensils.

As a bonus the seller includes a great book with cooking tips. We have already put that to use.

So I don’t have anything negative to say about this product. I think they sell themselves. Check them out and get you some. Again, we have a check in the DO column.



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ZAQ Paradise Glass Litemist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, 200ml

Click image to go to Amazon and order.
Click image to go to Amazon and order.
  • Advanced lite mist aromatherapy technology with auto shut off
  • Relax by aroma of your choice and color changing LED soft mood lighting, with favorite color selection and no light mode
  • Your body will be gradually relaxed and your skin will be moisturized at the same time
  • Operates up to 5 to 6 hours; No condensation
  • Aroma diffuser fragrances your surroundings healthily and effectively; Use with an essential oil, fragrance oil or even your favorite oil; As no heat source is required, essential oils are not degraded

Here is where I cut in. I got a discount on this to review it, that was the best decision ever made. I am in love with this product. I had always wanted a diffuser but  I really didn’t know how they worked. When I saw this I thought it looked pretty so I ordered it. They are pretty easy to use and come with directions. You add 200 ml of water and some essential oil of your choosing, we went with lavender.

Add water an oils and it looks like a volcano.
Add water an oils and it looks like a volcano.

Then you close the lid and put the glass dome over the top. A steady stream of mist comes out of the top and it smells amazing. You can put your hand over it and there is not condensation and no heat. It is super safe. The on switch is on one of the feet on the base so it is a tiny bit difficult to turn it on until you get used to it. That is the only thing I would ding it with but it is really just a personal issue, i can see the benefits to not having a bulky switch on the cord too.

The cover over the water.
The cover over the water.

It cycles through multiple soothing colors and is just a stunning display. It is something we gladly have out in the living room and people comment on all the time. Greens, pinks, blues and purples. Really deep colors for lights. Plus the benefits of diffusing essential oils are great. Lavender is calming and aids in sleep and we like the smell, but people have many preferences for oils and how they affect them.

Such deep beautiful colors.
Such deep beautiful colors.

I have a video of it in progress, as soon as I figure out how to add it here I will. Everyone in my house loves this product. We all agree, this is a DO!



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Aqua Dance Handheld 7 Setting Showerhead – Chrome

Click to go to Target to order one.
Click to go to Target to order one.


High-power luxury hand shower with 7-settings, large 4″ chrome face and ON/OFF handle Pause switch for dual overhead and handheld use. Includes 5′ stainless steel shower hose and angle-adjustable overhead bracket.

  • Features: Water Saving Option
  • Includes: Installation Hardware, Showerhead
  • Material: Metal, Plastic, Chrome
  • Metal Finish: Chrome
  • Finish: Chrome-Plated
  • Protective Qualities: Corrosion Resistant, Rustproof
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 Gal. Gallons Per Minute
  • Showerhead Settings: Pulsating Spray, Mist Spray, Full Spray
  • Number of Settings: 7
  • Assembly Details: assembly required, no tools needed

Ok now we talk about it. This is a wonderful shower head you can purchase at Target. I love Target! So if you, like me, can use any excuse to go to Target here is one.

I am one of those people who is pretty specific in what I want out of a shower head. I need water pressure and I need to have a full spray setting to rinse out the thick conditioners I use on my hair. I may spend a lot of money on those conditioners and want the thickest richest kind I can get, but I don’t want to walk around looking super greasy because of it. SO when we had the opportunity to check out this shower head I was skeptical. Usually the ones I like cost too much.


Let’s start with appearance. I love the chrome. Showers don’t look right if the shower head isn’t chrome. So that is a plus for sure. This is sleek and pretty and not too bulky. Even the hose is chrome.

This is fairly lightweight, including the hose. Which is important! I have a hard time holding my arms above my head at times, so any extra weight makes that much more difficult. I was concerned the lightness would mean a bad product. There was no reason to be concerned, this shower head is great.


With the 7 different settings, it is easy to find the one most comfortable to you. And it has a really strong straight setting perfect for rinsing my hair. This does come with a flow meter. Which made the pressure not great for us, so we took it out and all is well.

I think the feature I like most in this shower head is the pause button. I am a fan of conserving water. For the planet and because my water bill is astronomical. Like ridiculously so. So being able to pause while I lather my hair or smooth shaving cream on my legs, saves water and that is a good bonus.


It was simple to put up and included thread tape, which was nice. The flow meter is difficult to remove which was an annoyance but not a big deal. Over all we like the shower head and add it to the do column.

Laters lovelies,


Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmd2a61ce418910dbc8bbd0b031147244e

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Personal post. Autism is rough, can you help this family?

Click image to head to site and order.
Click image to head to site and order.

So this is a personal post. My friends are doing a fundraiser. They are having trouble getting anyone to notice it. They are running low on time and if they do not meet goal, they won’t get the funds.

This is a legitimate website, they collect the money and they send the shirts. So you have no reason to fear you are being ripped off. I know this family. Their boys are my dudes best friends. Autism is a big part of our lives.  Let me share their story.

Whiskey and his boy!
Whiskey and his boy!

Their oldest boy had a service dog, Whiskey. They were together from when he was 4 until last month. They had to let him rest. He was the most loving and loved dog. He spent his last days with his family being pampered and spoiled and they were devastated when the day came for him to cross the rainbow bridge.

Whiskey boy's mama spoiling Whiskey by hand feeding him steak and eggs in his last days.
Whiskey boy’s mama spoiling Whiskey by hand feeding him steak and eggs in his last days.

Whiskey’s boy has been heartbroken. The family has been able to get him a new puppy. Whiskey’s boy has decided to name the new puppy Chance, because this will be his second chance. Chance will need extensive training to help his new boy. A lot of work goes into making a dog learn to calm a child and help them live a fuller life. This family does not have a lot of money and so instead of giving up, they are fundraising in beautiful ways.

Chance and his new boy!
Chance and his new boy!

This tee-shirt is gorgeous and perfect. Know that with the slim cost of your tee-shirt, you are contributing to a life changing partnership for one of the most brilliant and beautiful boys I have ever met.

Please give it a look and help if you can.

Just a share, a tweet can make s difference.

All love,


Unbreakable Wine Glasses by Butler in the Home

Click image to go to Amazon and order.
Click image to go to Amazon and order.

Product Description

Butler in the Home is proud to present our newest product: Silicone Wine Glasses!
Tired of your drunk friends breaking all of your expensive wine glasses? Or maybe you just break a lot of things? (Shhh, we would not tell.) Presenting, the solution! Silicone Wine Glasses!
These silicone wine glasses by Butler in the Home are the perfect choice for drinking wine, beer or any other drink when hanging out by the pool, camping (or glamping if you prefer), tailgating, picnics, and much much more!
You will make your party a hit when you serve all your guests drinks in silicone wine glasses, and you will not have to worry about cleaning up all that broken glass when that one drunk friend that always breaks something (we all have that one “friend”) drops it! Get your 2 pack of silicone wine glasses by Butler in the Home today! Enjoy your silicone wine glasses.
And on to the good stuff. I received a discount on this product in exchange for my honest review. This what I really think, honestly.
So I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered these, but I thought they would be fun. When they arrived we opened them up and were actually a bit concerned. They are silicone and  so you cannot just grab them like a cup. I was envisioning wine/juice flying all over my house.
After washing, drying and filling them up, I wasn’t as concerned. The fluid inside exerts enough pressure on the cup to make it easy to hold., though I wouldn’t trust it in a little persons hands.
These are actually really fun and I can see the benefit of having a smooshable cup. We like to camp and picnic and stuff things in backpacks to take to the park. A flexible, unbreakable cup that doesn’t take up much space is kinda awesome. I see us getting a good amount of use out of these.
A little fun too!
A little fun too!
Because they are marketed as wine glasses, then the fact that these won’t work well with little hands should not be held against them. However they will be a difficult product for people who have trouble being careful which is sort of the demographic for a good portion of people that would look for unbreakable cups. So for that one the product gets a small ding.
We still put this in the do column though.
buh-bye now,
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