Travel Neck Pillow – by Enzo Comfort

Click image to go to Amazon and order
Click image to go to Amazon and order

What they Say!

  • AS SEEN ON ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & GOOGLE NEWS – Be the envy of your friends. SALE PRICE EXCLUSIVELY ON AMAZON – Get premium memory foam pillow with cooling gel with washable bright maroon velour cover for a great price. Limited time only! Valued over $35!
  • Imported
  • VELOUR LUXURY BOURGEOISIE RED – 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester. Velour was chosen because of it’s thin multi-layer fabric that gives the pillow the luxurious glow we all love. With 4.5D density you get the full comfort of memory foam and freedom to move your neck.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN – Offers maximum lower neck support with center spine; Quality Cervical neck support; Button lock holds it in place; ideal for home, car, office or plane. 10% of all earnings in profit will be donated to raise awareness about GLOBAL WARMING by partnering up with World Wildlife Organization. All proceedings will go to its ‘ADOPT A POLAR BEAR’ program, saving polar bears from losing their natural habitat.
  • COOLING GEL LUMBAR SUPPORT – Prevents Excess Heat, reduces neck pain and muscle tension while travelling with this Pillow. We use thin layer A grade of cooling gel. Our cooling gel is highly absorbent preventing your neck from getting overheated and the thin layer allows you to feel the full comfort of memory foam without feeling like sleeping on liquid.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, A GRADE, MEMORY FOAM – incomparable to inflatable and bead pillows, the Viscoelastic material is designed to rebound slowly and conform to pressure exerted against it. Perfect Rebound Time for Quality Memory Foam is 3-5 seconds. Our Premium 4.5D Memory Comfort Neck Pillow averaged at 3 seconds (best score for memory foam).
  • NON TOXIC, HYPOALLERGENIC, EASY TO CARRY, this super soft memory foam pillow folds down smaller than an average
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & 2 YEARS WARRANTY – The hard part about buying a travel pillow is that there is no scientific way to predict whether or not a certain density will be right for you. That’s why we have a no-questions ask money back guarantee policy, so if you feels like the pillow is not quite right for you we are happy to refund you in full.
This picture does not do it justice
This picture does not do it justice

What I thought.

It is impossible to dislike this product. Well I suppose if you hate soft and plush and comfortable, then you might be able to pull it off. This travel pillow is an amazingly plush memory foam pillow with cooling gel to keep you from getting too warm. Warm does not make me want to sleep. I hate being too hot. So I really appreciate that this does not make me uncomfortably warm.

It is covered in a velvety soft and lush velour fabric that is a gorgeous color. I used to have the best couches in the same fabric practically. I love the color and feel. It comes with a great storage bag to keep it neat and clean when not in use. This is a big bonus to me because everything I own seems to get well loved by my animals shed hair. Pet’s have to let you take part of them with you everywhere, this bag keeps them and their portable love away!

It actually pokes down in the top of the bag too, this was just a quick tug closed.
It actually pokes down in the top of the bag too, this was just a quick tug closed.

If you travel alot or need to sleep sitting up, this will feel so nice. It is thick enough to really support your head while not making you claustrophobic. So no more of the waking nods. It is like a sweet hug to lull you off to sleep.

Model not included!
Model not included!

So if I have not fully convinced you of the magnificence of this super comfy pillow, then I guess I am no good at my job. I should be fired. …does that come with a severance package?? Seriously though folks. I like this pillow. It is a do!

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