BlueFire over the head bluetooth headset

All right here I am, back again. Did you miss us? Lots going on and i will be posting an update blog soon. But today I have an awesome product for you. I am a busy momma, if you follow me you know this. I also have to work from home because of the dudes needs. Long hours on the phone holding up a big phone wears out the arms. So I have tried a few bluetooth devices and they are great. This one takes the cake though. Plus it makes me feel like one of those fancy secretary’s.

What they say

  • This is a new wireless Bluetooth stereo headset, which uses an over-the-head design and has been using Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • It is capable of connecting with Bluetooth devices designed with Audio Gateway and PDAs.
  • Moreover, desktop and notebook computers can be connected and paired with the Headset using a USB Bluetooth Dongle.
  • It has the dual-link function for connection to two mobile phones simultaneously.
  • This item can work with most of Bluetooth enabled phones. You will love it! You can’t miss it!


What I think

The over the head bluetooth headset by BlueFire is really comfortable to wear. But i got the side piece stuck in my messy hair, so watch for that if you don’t want to get your hair pulled. Totally my fault since my waves hate hairbrushes. 🙂

This headset is comfy to wear all day though. it sits on the head much like a head band. The ear piece is on the right side so your left ear is free to listen for little dudes who need you and animals that are getting into trouble. The ear piece is cushioned well so it sits comfortably. The mic can be raised or lowered so you aren’t stuck with it in your face all day. Three buttons for simple connection and use too.


The sound quality is great too. People on the other end had no idea I was on a head set. No problem hearing me and I could hear them well. The headset charges pretty quick and has a good battery life. It hasn’t died on me yet, but I can’t give you an exact battery life. I’ve used it all day with no problem.

So if you, like me, need to work from home and are often stuck on long phone calls. Free up your hands and rest your weary arms. Head over to the listing and see for yourself. Check out the item here.

As you can tell, this is a fancy sexy secretary DO.



I may have received this product free or at a discounted price in 
exchange for a review, this does not influence my review.