1Easylife Ho-0696 Stainless Steel Lemon Grater Zester with Channel Knife

Click image to go to Amazon and purchase
Click image to go to Amazon and purchase

What they say

  • ★ AWARD WINNING INNOVATIVE DESIGN. — 1Easylife lemon peeler has a sharp holes in its stainless steel head that remove the zest from the pith of lemons and other citrus fruits easily, You might hear the claim that the pith adds unwanted bitterness that takes away from the effect of the citrus. WITH HANGING LOOP!
  • ★ HANDS ON APPROACH. — Peeling lemon and orange is no longer a big deal with 1easylife lemon peeler! Just run the lemon on your peeler and viola!! You’ll get a best result in pretty easy way. With the unique rounded style handle you won’t feel hand cramps
  • ★ CUTTING TO DEEP EVEN WITH LIGHT PRESSURE. — You can make your kitchen work than in few minutes with this peeler! It’s pretty sharp that you won’t need much effort. It gives you everything you need to prep fruit for all your craving. You can also use the other part of the tool, which has the insides of the little circles sharpened, to zest your fruit.
  • ★ DURABLE, EASY TO CLEAN. –This peeler features a corrosion resistant etched stainless steel blade that’s sure to provide years of reliable use. This is a good tool for getting over the food with it and work with more of the basics. Dishwasher safe or just place it under the running water.
  • ★ 100% LIFETIME 1Easylife® GUARANTEE. — If, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love your new expert, super high quality kitchen gadget and tools, just return it. We’ll refund every penny (or replace it, if there is a problem).

What I think

So I have been holding on to this zester and needing to do this review post for a while. The honest truth is I kept forgetting to get lemons and try this out. Shopping is a process and I always come home with half of what I went there for and too much other stuff the kids like.

You parents know what I mean!

So we finally remembered to pick up a lemon which is great because I have to make some fancy cupcakes for a friend and a little candied zest and peel curls are perfect for this.

Very simple and easy to use with great results
Very simple and easy to use with great results

This tools fits really well in the hand. It moves smoothly through the peel without too much effort, which is great because my hands don’t like to work hard. I was able to get long nice curls with the channel knife (I had no idea it was called that). The small holes at the tip are great for getting zest. short quick strokes make a nice grated pile but if you pull the tool slower and harder you get very fine curls.

I really enjoyed using this tool. It was a lot of fun and I know we will get a  good amount of use out of it when I bake. I am going to add this to the list of Dos for the kitchen.

Happy Tuesday,


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Kitchen Cooking Utensils and Gadgets, Red Set of 3 Built-in Stand, Turner Spoon Spatula and Ebook

Click image to go to Amazon and purchase a set.
Click image to go to Amazon and purchase a set.
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT. RISK-FREE PURCHASE. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee PLUS Free Extended Warranty with Registration! Large utensils with ergonomic contoured handle.
  • INCREASE YOUR COOKING EXPERTISE – Free 121 Cooking Secrets eBook (PDF File) and FREE BONUS Recipe eBook. Keep this eBook (PDF file) even if you return your product.
  • KEEP GERMS AWAY FROM YOUR FAMILY – Built-in stand keeps utensil head above counter top that could contain germs or other contaminants that could hurt your family.
  • AMAZE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS – Cool new kitchen gadget introduced in late 2014. Top seller in Kitchen Utensils during Christmas.
  • HAVE A SOLUTION FOR MOST COMMON COOKING USES – Set includes 3 Pieces – Regular Spatula, Spoon and Draining Spoon; each piece about 12.8 inches long and raised about 1 inch

That’s what they say about it, what do we think? I was able to get these at a discount in exchange for reviewing them honestly. I liked them. The little foot they have underneath keeps the spoon head from sitting on the counter. This provents contamination and also makes cleaning up easier. No splats of sauce on the counter. No need for a spoon rest.

No more messy counters.
No more messy counters.

Do you ever get tired from stirring? I have weak arms, so stirfry is a delicious pain. These have an ergonomic handle. So cooking is less strain on the hand and wrist. though the bulk was a little odd at first, I love it now. And they have the most adorable heart shaped holes in the handles if you are the kind of person that hangs your utensils.

As a bonus the seller includes a great book with cooking tips. We have already put that to use.

So I don’t have anything negative to say about this product. I think they sell themselves. Check them out and get you some. Again, we have a check in the DO column.



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Silicone Basting Brush for Pastry or BBQ From Chef Curious

Click image to view item on Amazon.
Click image to view item on Amazon.

Product Description

• Eco-friendly, 100% FDA-approved food grade silicone (meaning that it will not break down over time as other brushes will)
• A dishwasher safe, easy-to-clean construction
• The ability to withstand extreme high and low temperatures (grilling in Antarctica or Ecuador? Go right ahead my friend!)
• A compact yet easy to grip size; at a little less than 9 inches in length, this baby is perfect for both male and female home chefs
• Packaged in simple recyclable #4 poly bag
Here we are again at the fun bit. I bought this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest opinion.
So The Dude and I were already looking for a new basting brush. We had one with silicone bristles and one with the strange hair like bristles and did not care for either. The hair one kept shedding into our food. Yuck! and the silicone one didn’t hold the sauces well so it took forever to baste anything. Then I saw this bad boy and I was like, Oh Yeah!
Freshly washes and ready to rock!
Freshly washed and ready to rock!

So I show it to the dude and he is like, Oh Yeah! We both agreed it looked like a better brush. Sadly, he had to go to work so it fell on me to test this bad boy out. Dinner was Salsa Verde Chicken! I had a package of chicken legs, which the kids love. So we pulled that out and got going.

The brush fits in the hand comfortably, which is important to me. The silicone bristles really hold alot of sauce. I was actually very surprised. I was dipping from a bowl and there was some chunks but the salsa verde was fairly thin. So I was concerned the brush would not hold much. Boy was I wrong.

Scoops up like a spoon!
Scoops up like a spoon!

The brush held a good amount of sauce. When I brushed it on to the chicken, it was smooth and effective coverage. I didn’t have to keep going back over the same place. Each scoop with the brush generously covered 5 legs with sauce. I should have done a video for this one because it was fantastic. our chicken turned out awesome!

Coverage was amazing.
Coverage was amazing.

So we definitely approve of this item. The Dude can’t wait to get it on the grill this weekend.

Our final answer is, put this in the Do pile!


Domi and The Dude

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