ARTacts Synthetic Face Painting Brush Set

Click on image to go to Amazon and purchase
Click on image to go to Amazon and purchase

What they say

  • • 12 DIFFERENT BRUSHES – This face painting kit includes a brush for every artistic occasion including: brushes that taper to a fine point for detail work and fine lines, square-tip brushes, fan-shaped brushes and more!
  • • HIGH-QUALITY SYNTHETIC BRISTLES – We’ve used a special blend of high-quality non-toxic synthetic fibers for these bristles so they hold more paint, allow you to apply it to faces more evenly, and are easier to clean up!
  • • BUILT TO LAST – Hold your ARTacts Synthetic Face Painting Brushes between your fingers. Feel the solid wood handle balance comfortably in the palm of your hand. Marvel at the gorgeous matte black finish of the handle and the luscious chocolate brown bristles. We’ve designed these brushes to give you years of face painting fun!
  • • IDEAL FOR KIDS OR ADULTS, BEGINNERS OR EXPERTS – Use it for school events, church events, fairs, parades or any time you feel like putting a smile on someone’s face!
  • • LIFETIME GUARANTEE! – We’re so confident in the superior quality of our ARTacts Synthetic Face Painting Brushes we gladly offer them with a 100% Satisfaction Lifetime Guarantee!•

What I think

I enjoyed testing these brushes out. The kids were all more than happy to help with that. So we had a limited color palate to use and had to get creative. I got out the face paints and the brushes and some paper towels and the kiddos picked out what they wanted.

The tiny person was easiest he just wanted some balloons. So we got to work. Now the face paint kit I used is like a Halloween monster man kit so it is the hard thick stuff not true face paint. This made me worry that I wouldn’t be able to get a good idea of the brushes abilities.  I worried for nothing. The fact that it was a bit harder to get started did not affect how well the brushes worked at all.

balloons for the tiny person
balloons for the tiny person

I had to work the paint a bit to get it easier to spread and after that it wasn’t so bad at all. The brushes worked very well. They were all very soft and did not irritate the kids in any way.

Butterfly for little miss
Butterfly for little miss

There was no problem with shedding bristles. Not on the kids skin, nor in the paint and for sure not when I was wiping the paint off with paper towels. I really gave some good tugs too. Shedding bristles is a pet peeve of mine so it is one thing I rigorously test out on any kind of paint brush.

Gamer ghost for the little dude!
Gamer ghost for the little dude!

The selection of brushes is a great beginner or standalone kit. You have the perfect sizes and shapes to meet all the needs. From some thick brushes for filling in large spaces to a very fine tip for delicate lines. These will of course work better with better face paints but they did a great job with what I had on hand too.

This company is great too and they want you to love your product so they offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. That is pretty awesome. We obviously had a great time, so this goes in the DO column.

With all the love I can muster on a Monday morning,


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Chef Buddy Perfect Picnic Pop-Up Food Covers and Buffet, Set of 3

Chef Buddy Perfect Picnic Pop-Up Food Covers and Buffet, Set of 3

So here it is, our first posted review!!!! Yay!!  Ok, Moving on.

I ordered this for my son, Big Dudes, birthday party. I thought the blow up bar would be perfect to hold our food items that needed to be chilled on top of ice. I was so excited to find an inflatable buffet that came with pop up covers to keep the bugs out of the food. My big mistake was not paying attention to the dimensions.

So, the product arrives and I did not bother to open it prior to the party. This was mistake number two. I usually am much better at planning things I swear.

The day of the party, we head over to the park we rented a spot at. I start to unload and set up and that is when I finally open this product. Out pop the three mesh food covers. They are perfect. Three different sizes but even the smallest is quite large. We could have easily fit a regular round layer cake under any of them.

This is where I got a little disappointed. I pulled out the inflatable buffet and start to blow it up. It doesn’t take long and I have it laid out on the counter. Sadly, I seriously overestimated the size. This however was all my fault and does not reflect on my review of the product. The amazon listing did in fact state the dimensions are 39.5 inches long by 18 wide and you have to take out the few inches the rim take up as well. So, the usable space was not what I had pictured.

However, It did hold up well. The product is made from a durable material. We had no problem with leaks or punctures. We filled it with ice and food and enjoyed our party.  So basically my only problem was I didn’t order two.

This product is definitely a do!

5 out of 5 stars.