Unbreakable Wine Glasses by Butler in the Home

Click image to go to Amazon and order.
Click image to go to Amazon and order.

Product Description

Butler in the Home is proud to present our newest product: Silicone Wine Glasses!
Tired of your drunk friends breaking all of your expensive wine glasses? Or maybe you just break a lot of things? (Shhh, we would not tell.) Presenting, the solution! Silicone Wine Glasses!
These silicone wine glasses by Butler in the Home are the perfect choice for drinking wine, beer or any other drink when hanging out by the pool, camping (or glamping if you prefer), tailgating, picnics, and much much more!
You will make your party a hit when you serve all your guests drinks in silicone wine glasses, and you will not have to worry about cleaning up all that broken glass when that one drunk friend that always breaks something (we all have that one “friend”) drops it! Get your 2 pack of silicone wine glasses by Butler in the Home today! Enjoy your silicone wine glasses.
And on to the good stuff. I received a discount on this product in exchange for my honest review. This what I really think, honestly.
So I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered these, but I thought they would be fun. When they arrived we opened them up and were actually a bit concerned. They are silicone and  so you cannot just grab them like a cup. I was envisioning wine/juice flying all over my house.
After washing, drying and filling them up, I wasn’t as concerned. The fluid inside exerts enough pressure on the cup to make it easy to hold., though I wouldn’t trust it in a little persons hands.
These are actually really fun and I can see the benefit of having a smooshable cup. We like to camp and picnic and stuff things in backpacks to take to the park. A flexible, unbreakable cup that doesn’t take up much space is kinda awesome. I see us getting a good amount of use out of these.
A little fun too!
A little fun too!
Because they are marketed as wine glasses, then the fact that these won’t work well with little hands should not be held against them. However they will be a difficult product for people who have trouble being careful which is sort of the demographic for a good portion of people that would look for unbreakable cups. So for that one the product gets a small ding.
We still put this in the do column though.
buh-bye now,
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Chef Buddy Perfect Picnic Pop-Up Food Covers and Buffet, Set of 3

Chef Buddy Perfect Picnic Pop-Up Food Covers and Buffet, Set of 3

So here it is, our first posted review!!!! Yay!!  Ok, Moving on.

I ordered this for my son, Big Dudes, birthday party. I thought the blow up bar would be perfect to hold our food items that needed to be chilled on top of ice. I was so excited to find an inflatable buffet that came with pop up covers to keep the bugs out of the food. My big mistake was not paying attention to the dimensions.

So, the product arrives and I did not bother to open it prior to the party. This was mistake number two. I usually am much better at planning things I swear.

The day of the party, we head over to the park we rented a spot at. I start to unload and set up and that is when I finally open this product. Out pop the three mesh food covers. They are perfect. Three different sizes but even the smallest is quite large. We could have easily fit a regular round layer cake under any of them.

This is where I got a little disappointed. I pulled out the inflatable buffet and start to blow it up. It doesn’t take long and I have it laid out on the counter. Sadly, I seriously overestimated the size. This however was all my fault and does not reflect on my review of the product. The amazon listing did in fact state the dimensions are 39.5 inches long by 18 wide and you have to take out the few inches the rim take up as well. So, the usable space was not what I had pictured.

However, It did hold up well. The product is made from a durable material. We had no problem with leaks or punctures. We filled it with ice and food and enjoyed our party.  So basically my only problem was I didn’t order two.

This product is definitely a do!

5 out of 5 stars.