BlueFire over the head bluetooth headset

All right here I am, back again. Did you miss us? Lots going on and i will be posting an update blog soon. But today I have an awesome product for you. I am a busy momma, if you follow me you know this. I also have to work from home because of the dudes needs. Long hours on the phone holding up a big phone wears out the arms. So I have tried a few bluetooth devices and they are great. This one takes the cake though. Plus it makes me feel like one of those fancy secretary’s.

What they say

  • This is a new wireless Bluetooth stereo headset, which uses an over-the-head design and has been using Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • It is capable of connecting with Bluetooth devices designed with Audio Gateway and PDAs.
  • Moreover, desktop and notebook computers can be connected and paired with the Headset using a USB Bluetooth Dongle.
  • It has the dual-link function for connection to two mobile phones simultaneously.
  • This item can work with most of Bluetooth enabled phones. You will love it! You can’t miss it!


What I think

The over the head bluetooth headset by BlueFire is really comfortable to wear. But i got the side piece stuck in my messy hair, so watch for that if you don’t want to get your hair pulled. Totally my fault since my waves hate hairbrushes. 🙂

This headset is comfy to wear all day though. it sits on the head much like a head band. The ear piece is on the right side so your left ear is free to listen for little dudes who need you and animals that are getting into trouble. The ear piece is cushioned well so it sits comfortably. The mic can be raised or lowered so you aren’t stuck with it in your face all day. Three buttons for simple connection and use too.


The sound quality is great too. People on the other end had no idea I was on a head set. No problem hearing me and I could hear them well. The headset charges pretty quick and has a good battery life. It hasn’t died on me yet, but I can’t give you an exact battery life. I’ve used it all day with no problem.

So if you, like me, need to work from home and are often stuck on long phone calls. Free up your hands and rest your weary arms. Head over to the listing and see for yourself. Check out the item here.

As you can tell, this is a fancy sexy secretary DO.



I may have received this product free or at a discounted price in 
exchange for a review, this does not influence my review.



Chalktastic Liquid Chalk Markers, 8Pack

Click image to go to Amazon and purchase.
Click image to go to Amazon and purchase.

Product Description

Endless possibilities and tons of fun – Your ChalkTasticTM Liquid Chalk Markers let your creativity come alive!

Tear open the cardboard shipping box your ChalkTastic Liquid Chalk Markers arrive in and marvel at the bright neon colors of each liquid marker.

Choose a liquid marker in your favorite color. Shake well. And let your creativity soar!

Note how your ChalkTastic Liquid Chalk Markers work great on any non-porous surface.

The colors are vibrant and beautiful; the super-concentrated liquid chalk glides on with no running; cleanup is as quick and easy as wiping your creation away with a damp cloth!

You’ll love these liquid chalk markers as a gift for the creative youngsters in your family; as a fun and reliable education tool (is anything worse than losing the attention of your classroom because all of your liquid pens have dried out?); as an easy way to attract customers to your restaurant, bistro, store or business; and so much more!

Backyard fun, thumbs up!
Little Dude says backyard fun, thumbs up!

And now for the fun part!! I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review, this is that honest opinion.

When I ordered this product, we were very excited for it to come. Little Dude likes to doodle and this looked so fun. So we trooped outside with my friends kiddos and tested these bad boys out. I figured since they were a form of chalk that they would be fine on the sidewalk.

kids giving them a go on the concrete.
kids giving them a go on the concrete.

We did learn that they can make a much prettier picture on smooth surfaces. The rough concrete also could shred the tips if pressed to hard. So we moved to the smoother part of the walk, my steps.

Pretty art from my friends 8 yr old.
Pretty art from my friends 8 yr old.

This section worked much better. The flow was smooth and our little artists were able to get more creative and add more depth to their work. Next Little Dude asked me to put his favorite, a creeper from Minecraft, on his bedroom window. So we tried that out and it was fun too.

Scary Creeper face.
Scary Creeper face.

We all agreed there were a couple things we would change about this product. We really wanted a black one and the caps are designed in a way that if you do not put them on carefully, they can damage the tips. So we would love to see that changed so that the younger kids with less dexterity won’t have as much trouble recapping them.

An amazing drawing by our little artist.
An amazing drawing by our little artist.

So the basics are, this item is a ton of fun. The kids loved them. They were easy to prime and the color flowed out well. The reversible nib made it so they could be more precise or broad, depending on what they wanted. They clean up as easy as chalk but are much more versatile. Little dude and his friends all agree with me that this is a great product.

So we say in unison, this is a do!

Always, (oh that one brought on the HP feels in this geek girl)


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Bobbie Jean’s two piece tong set & bonus spatula.

Click the pic to jump to Amazon and get your own set.
Click the pic to jump to Amazon and get your own set.

Our review tonight is of Bobbi Jean’s two piece tong set and bonus spatula.

Touted with these features.

  • Silicone kitchen tong set features BPA-Free silicone tips for optimum food & health safety
  • Perfect for grilling or salads, these stainless steel food tongs are easy to use and clean up
  • Cooking tongs have handy lock ring so you can store them easily with all your other kitchen gadgets
  • 9″ small & 12″ tongs are heat-resistant to 480 Degrees F – Safe to use in the oven or on the stove
  • Bonus stainless-steel/silicone spatula makes perfect addition to all your kitchen utensils & tools

Ok where to start? I purchased these tongs at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This opinion is strictly my own! These tongs are fantastic. I was very excited to try these out. All of our tongs are just metal and scratch things up. They work for hotdogs and not much else. These bad boys though, they are versatile.

When they arrived I quickly opened them up and played with them. Their light weight worried me at first. I assumed they would be flimsy, so we decided to put them through the wringer.

After a good wash, we started with the spatula. It was dinner time so we whipped up some coleslaw. The spatula was fantastic, wiped the sides of the bowl clean no problem and helped us stir the sauce in with the veg. I wanted to see how well the metal could hold up so I stuck the end in a jar and tried to bend it. It didn’t give an inch. Love!!!


Next we took the 9′ salad tongs and sautéed up some mushroom and onions. I like to use tongs for this, especially on the onions. I like to get a good grip and flip to get those babies caramelized. These silicone tips are heat-resistant and worked so well. No scratches on my pans and no melting plastic in my food.  Because I prefer my mushrooms to be bpa free!


Then we took to the grill and where The Dude threw down some steaks. This was where I was concerned about the longer tongs. They had such a light weight I was sure we would drop our steaks and ruin dinner. They worked like a charm though. Not a slip and plenty of grip. We are in agreement on their greatness.


So the breakdown review here folks. These tongs are great. They have some cushy comfort grips that are longer than what I am used to seeing on tongs. this is a plus as I have bad hands. They are very lightweight but hold up well, another plus in the corner for the lady with the bad hands. The heat-resistant silicone means they will work on pretty much every pan I have. The locking ring is easy to use and makes for a handy way to store them on the wall if you like to show off your utensils or if you are bbq’ing and have those handy hooks on your grill. Plus they are just cute, in red or green. We love to match colors in our kitchens.

So Bobbi Jean’s tongs and spatula are definitely a do.

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Here we go… maybe…

figuring it out

So I have sat on the idea for this blog for quite awhile. I may have jumped the gun just a bit in my excitement. I have decided to do new product reviews which require partnerships and planning and ordering and waiting. These have been figured out. I just have to sit through the waiting.


So waiting and some more waiting are in my future. I have to wait for packages to arrive, and I have to wait to build an audience. This part is the scariest. So I am still working on how to get YOU over HERE. lol. That’s ok, I will blog and review and write as if I already have 10,000 followers and we will have fun with it.

So if you are here reading this. Thanks for taking the time!

Buh Byes,


ps. I feel as if I need a snazzy sign off, so I will try a few out. Recommendations are good too. Help a sista out yo 😉

Chef Buddy Perfect Picnic Pop-Up Food Covers and Buffet, Set of 3

Chef Buddy Perfect Picnic Pop-Up Food Covers and Buffet, Set of 3

So here it is, our first posted review!!!! Yay!!  Ok, Moving on.

I ordered this for my son, Big Dudes, birthday party. I thought the blow up bar would be perfect to hold our food items that needed to be chilled on top of ice. I was so excited to find an inflatable buffet that came with pop up covers to keep the bugs out of the food. My big mistake was not paying attention to the dimensions.

So, the product arrives and I did not bother to open it prior to the party. This was mistake number two. I usually am much better at planning things I swear.

The day of the party, we head over to the park we rented a spot at. I start to unload and set up and that is when I finally open this product. Out pop the three mesh food covers. They are perfect. Three different sizes but even the smallest is quite large. We could have easily fit a regular round layer cake under any of them.

This is where I got a little disappointed. I pulled out the inflatable buffet and start to blow it up. It doesn’t take long and I have it laid out on the counter. Sadly, I seriously overestimated the size. This however was all my fault and does not reflect on my review of the product. The amazon listing did in fact state the dimensions are 39.5 inches long by 18 wide and you have to take out the few inches the rim take up as well. So, the usable space was not what I had pictured.

However, It did hold up well. The product is made from a durable material. We had no problem with leaks or punctures. We filled it with ice and food and enjoyed our party.  So basically my only problem was I didn’t order two.

This product is definitely a do!

5 out of 5 stars.