OZ Naturals Tinted Moisturizer 30 SPF Sunscreen

Click image to go to Amazon and order.
Click image to go to Amazon and order.

What they say

  • OZ NATURALS SPF 30 TINTED SUNSCREEN MOISTURIZER contains Octyl Methoxycinnamate & Zinc Oxide which together provide broad spectrum protection and shield skin against harmful damage caused from both UVA and UVB rays
  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES, this non-irritating, paraben-free sunscreen can be applied daily on the face and body, and can be worn alone as a foundation, or under makeup
  • OUR NON-COMEDOGENIC, SPF30 tinted sunscreen moisturizer nourishes the skin, while also protecting the skin from the aging effects of cumulative daily UV exposure
  • THIS MEDIUM TINTED, moisturizing sunscreen blends well with most skin shades and evens-out skin tone, in addition to protecting skin from the suns harmful rays

What I think

I am very fair skinned. Just some day glow skin with freckles. I also am very sensitive to the sun, so a good sunscreen is a must for me. Have one with a bit of tint to even out my skin tone and take off some of the glare is a nice option.

The lotion adds just a hint of color
The lotion adds just a hint of color

This sunscreen really works too. Earlier this summer I have had multiple sunburns from using sunblocks that did not live up to their claims. This summer has been brutal here and the sun has been killing me. After using Oz Naturals Age Defying Solar Shield, I am no longer worrying. I put it on every day this last week, before we headed to the park. We were able to hang out at the park for a couple of hours and I didn’t get a sunburn once.

We went swimming at the lake too. I was worried the tint would do that thing that weird fake tanning products do. But I didn’t have any random sweat streaks of white or brown. I was able to play in the water without looking like a melting mud monster. Though you do need to reapply often if you get wet.

It blends in well with the skin.
It blends in well with the skin.

My sensitive skin did not have any reactions to it either. Oz Naturals Age Defying Solar Shield is cruelty free. That is a serious plus in my book when I purchase anything.

I think I have found my new favorite sunscreen. No more pasty white legs for me. Now I look like I have a kiss from the sun, without the lobster skin.

Try some out today. Click the image at the top or just go here.  Order one of the most effective anti aging products on the market. Products that are cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, lanolin free and gluten free.

I put this right up there on the list of DO’s

Happy Sun Bathing,


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Huuman Insect Repellent Bracelet, Clip & Pellets – Natural DEET Free Protection

Click image to go to Amazon and purchase
Click image to go to Amazon and purchase

What they say,

  • Eco Friendly, DEET-Free Mosquito Repellent: Non-toxic, safe bug protection for infants, toddlers, kids, adults and the whole family. No harsh chemicals – will not cause allergic reaction.
  • Natural & Effective Essential Oil Pest Control: Scientifically proven plant based ingredients including citronella, peppermint, lavender & geranium to effectively keep biting insects away.
  • Adjustable & Comfortable: Fabric is soft on your skin & one size fits most men, women & babies easily on wrist or ankle. No sticky lotions, creams or sprays.
  • Waterproof & Long lasting: Go ahead, play in the pool or jump in the lake! Each waterproof repelling pellet wards off bugs for 15 days.
  • Save Money with Refills: No need to buy the whole bracelet again!

What I think!

So I must have sugar blood. I get more mosquito bites than most people, except for the little dude. He is a parasite magnet. Everything bites him and he reacts. It is no fun for anyone. Add on top of that the fact that I am intolerant to chemicals and it is hard to be protected from the critters. So I have been trying out anything and everything that  could repel the suckers.

This product is different than many of the others. You get a bracelet and a key fob that you can put a repellent “Pellet” in. This way nothing touches your skin. The pellets are a large flat almost plastic looking item. You slip it under the mesh of the bracelet or fob. It is water resistant, so you can wear this in the lake, the pool, anywhere you want to venture, you are covered.

Oi, I need a new camera! These are so easy to use!
Oi, I need a new camera! These are so easy to use!

So how does it work? well I won’t be doing one of those crazy hand in the jar of mosquito videos. But I will say, we went for a night walk and then sat in the back yard. I would normally have 5 or more bites from this, I didn’t have any. And neither did the little dude. That is good enough for me. The bracelet is velcro, so you can chose to not even wear it. It will fasten to your clothes, backpacks, or anything else. So will the fob!

How about the cost effectiveness you wonder? Well they are actually pretty great. You buy the combo and get the bracelet, fob and two pellets. The pellets are good for 15 days once opened. They last longer if you close them up in a ziplock between uses. Unopened they are good for 3 years.  When you need new ones, you can order refills. I won’t lie, these will cost you more than using a can of aerosol Deet. But these are safer.

Made with pure essential oils, Citronella, Peppermint, Geranium & Lavender Oils. It smells nice and works well.

For me, this is an easy yes. So we are putting this one on the Do list!



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Butterfly Garden Ornaments & Patio Décor

click the image to go to Amazon and order your own.
click the image to go to Amazon and order your own.

Product Description

  • 12pcs set (6 colors/2 each: pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange.
  • Each butterfly is about 4″ wingspan with 10″ tall stick
  • PVC material water proof suitable for both indoor and outdoor

And onto the fun part. I bought this item at a discount in exchange for am honest review. This is my actual honest opinion.

These are so cute! When I opened the package, they were carefully bound together in a bouquet with a rubber band. All the wings were folded up and the springs were tight.  The butterflies are made of PVC and come in 6 colors, 2 of each pink, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange. They have a wingspan of about 4 inches when opened. The spring holds them securely to a 10 inch green stick.

fresh from the package cuteness.
fresh from the package cuteness.

Once opened, the little folk and I ventured outside to place these in my flower bed. I carefully opened the wings and on a couple we loosened the springs to give them a touch more movement. We quickly found if the ground is hard, these will bend in eager hands. So I had to soften up the dirt a little bit so the kids could get them where they wanted.

Butterflies everywhere!

Once in the ground, we stood back and admired them. A small breeze lets these beautiful bugs bobble and flutter. They are adorable and we love them. In fact we are going to order a second batch for the other side of the yard.

So I put these cute decorations in the do pile.

Ta Ta Lovelies,


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Bobbie Jean’s two piece tong set & bonus spatula.

Click the pic to jump to Amazon and get your own set.
Click the pic to jump to Amazon and get your own set.

Our review tonight is of Bobbi Jean’s two piece tong set and bonus spatula.

Touted with these features.

  • Silicone kitchen tong set features BPA-Free silicone tips for optimum food & health safety
  • Perfect for grilling or salads, these stainless steel food tongs are easy to use and clean up
  • Cooking tongs have handy lock ring so you can store them easily with all your other kitchen gadgets
  • 9″ small & 12″ tongs are heat-resistant to 480 Degrees F – Safe to use in the oven or on the stove
  • Bonus stainless-steel/silicone spatula makes perfect addition to all your kitchen utensils & tools

Ok where to start? I purchased these tongs at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This opinion is strictly my own! These tongs are fantastic. I was very excited to try these out. All of our tongs are just metal and scratch things up. They work for hotdogs and not much else. These bad boys though, they are versatile.

When they arrived I quickly opened them up and played with them. Their light weight worried me at first. I assumed they would be flimsy, so we decided to put them through the wringer.

After a good wash, we started with the spatula. It was dinner time so we whipped up some coleslaw. The spatula was fantastic, wiped the sides of the bowl clean no problem and helped us stir the sauce in with the veg. I wanted to see how well the metal could hold up so I stuck the end in a jar and tried to bend it. It didn’t give an inch. Love!!!


Next we took the 9′ salad tongs and sautéed up some mushroom and onions. I like to use tongs for this, especially on the onions. I like to get a good grip and flip to get those babies caramelized. These silicone tips are heat-resistant and worked so well. No scratches on my pans and no melting plastic in my food.  Because I prefer my mushrooms to be bpa free!


Then we took to the grill and where The Dude threw down some steaks. This was where I was concerned about the longer tongs. They had such a light weight I was sure we would drop our steaks and ruin dinner. They worked like a charm though. Not a slip and plenty of grip. We are in agreement on their greatness.


So the breakdown review here folks. These tongs are great. They have some cushy comfort grips that are longer than what I am used to seeing on tongs. this is a plus as I have bad hands. They are very lightweight but hold up well, another plus in the corner for the lady with the bad hands. The heat-resistant silicone means they will work on pretty much every pan I have. The locking ring is easy to use and makes for a handy way to store them on the wall if you like to show off your utensils or if you are bbq’ing and have those handy hooks on your grill. Plus they are just cute, in red or green. We love to match colors in our kitchens.

So Bobbi Jean’s tongs and spatula are definitely a do.

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